Putting clients at the heart of the business

7 May 2019

Maxine Gibbs, of Medicolegal Partners, discusses why she chose to work with Kate Noakes at Ninety10 in her quest to build an optimum client experience through service. She shares why she sees the service she and her team offer to be as important as the medico legal reports written by the experts she represents – and why putting clients at the heart of Medicolegal Partners is helping to drive both employee and client satisfaction.

Great customer service means many things to different people and is of course, subjective. Whilst virtually impossible to do it justice in a few words, we all have experienced how powerful it feels when we receive great service and how it resonates with us on an emotional level. Great service is equally impactful for those who provide it. If, like us, you are passionate about service, the personal satisfaction and emotional rewards from giving great levels of service is boundless.  As service providers armed with this knowledge, it makes good business to build our business values and goals around our commitment to service excellence.”

Throughout her diverse career Maxine explains that she has always been led from the same starting point: the power of understanding the emotional drivers and needs of her customers as well as the people in her team. Developing products, service and processes to create a memorable and individual service experience hasn’t been easy but continually striving to offer the best experiences possible has always served Maxine well, enabling her to build motivated teams who, in turn, strive to deliver service excellence to her customers. Working on a global stage for a UK flagship brand like British Airways, with millions of international customers with far-ranging expectations of service was never going to be easy – but, from her early days, the buzz of working with her teams to create positive lasting memories for customers never left her – despite giving her more than her fair share of challenges!

Therefore, when it came to setting-up her own business, Maxine wanted to harness that passion for great service and saw huge potential in the medico-legal world.  She knew instinctively that, by empowering her team to deliver great service to the legal teams who need to instruct experts for their clients as well as a personal, supportive and service-led experience for her team of experts that great report writing would follow – a win-win for all!

Finding someone she could trust to help her and her team on this important journey was a challenge, whilst she knows what great service is, she wanted to find someone who could help her team understand what great service looks and feels like.  And then connect her team with this vision from the inside out.  She had worked with Kate Noakes of Ninety10 during some challenging times at British Airways and knew Kate had the talent and expertise she needed.

Kate shares the same values and ethos and uniquely helps teams achieve significant and sustained business improvements in customer satisfaction scores alongside employee satisfaction and engagement scores. Kate does this by working with teams to develop their understanding of the dynamics within the service relationship and then taps into the human potential within both individual and team to achieve the most fulfilling relationship possible.  The work she does is insightful and intuitive and just works!  We can’t wait for the next session.

You can find out more about Kate and Ninety10 here or by contacting her on 07966 509449.