Medico legal reports and attendance at court

Our medico legal reports comply fully with the Civil Procedure Rules for use in UK Courts and include the Expert’s Declaration.  We can provide a range of reports to suit your needs including desktop reports, medical summaries, causation and prognosis reports, updated reports, treatment plans and a host of other bespoke reports to meet your requirements.

Our experts are trained to write reports in plain English to a high standard and to avoid using overly-technical language or unnecessary jargon. They aim to ensure medical terminology is understandable to the reader.  The reports are presented to a high standard and we undertake rigorous quality assurance to ensure the report we deliver to you is of the highest quality.

The experts receive training to enable them to review and analyse medical records with an objective and critical eye to provide a comprehensive but succinct summary.  The report our experts write for you will focus on expressing an independent view and include an unequivocal conclusion to assist the court in reaching their judgement.

A structured approach is used in the preparation and writing of our medico legal reports.  We have developed the structure of our reports from feedback from a number of lawyers and barristers we work with.  We review them regularly to ensure they continue to deliver the right level of optimal information to meet your requirements and the needs of the court.

The report includes photographic images to fully explain the claimant’s injuries and the impact on them and their activities of daily living to the court where needed.  The following sections are a guide to what is included in a  full report:

  • Pre Accident/ Incident History
  • Post Accident/ Incident History
  • Detailed Summaries from medical professionals
  • Pain History
  • Pain Scores
  • Psychological Scores
  • Previous Treatment
  • Employment and Activities of Daily Living
  • Examination
  • An overview of the claimant’s  condition
  • Opinion (including causation)
  • Prognosis
  • Treatment Plan (costed)
  • Glossary and additional information

Attendance at Court

Our Experts are trained expert witnesses who understand their duty to the court.  They have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of CPR Part 35 – Practice Direction 35, the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts and practice direction on pre-action conduct.

Our Experts are highly skilled and able to present opinion based evidence effectively to the court under cross examination.  They aim to provide impartial and honest evidence that is clear and not misleading.  They will undertake to work within the timescales set by the court and provide expert testimony and opinion within their extensive professional competence and knowledge.