What to Expect at Your Consultation

For face-to-face consultations, please read the additional information on individual clinic pages about clinic rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to details below about what to bring and what to expect at your consultation.

We understand that seeing a new clinician can be a little daunting, and our experts understand this. You will be reassured to know that they are all very personable and will do all they can to put you at your ease whether you are meeting them face to face in the clinic or by videoconference. If you feel you need support, they are happy for you to bring a friend or relative to the consultation but it’s important that your solicitor agrees to this and they must give us their permission in writing before the consultation.

We will arrange for a chaperone to be present when the doctor examines you in clinic – usually a nurse. If you need to be examined for a consultation using videoconference, we will arrange a chaperone to join the conference for the examination only, we will need your written permission for a chaperone to attend before the videoconference.

For consultations with one of our pain experts you will need to complete a pain diagram in advance.

For face-to-face consultations:

Arriving at the Clinic

Please allow plenty of time to get to your appointment whether it’s in clinic or via videoconference, the doctors run very busy clinics and if you are more than 10 minutes late they may be unable to see you. The doctors’ clinics are usually very punctual, however sometimes a previous appointment may run slightly over its allotted time and cause a delay to your appointment. We apologise in advance if you experience a delay and appreciate your patience.

If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason please call us at least 24 hours in advance on 020 7118 0650 to tell us. If you fail to do this your solicitor will be charged a fee of £225 for non-attendance, which they may pass to you. If you are running late please call us to tell us or call the clinic on 020 7935 0023.

Before your Examination

Please arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes before your appointment. The receptionist will register you.

The Examination

The doctor will need to carry out a physical examination of the site/s of your pain or injury. This may require you to rearrange or remove some of your clothing. A sheet or a blanket will be available for you in clinic and if you are attending via videoconference, we recommend you wear loose clothing and have a sheet or a cover to enable you to remove clothes for the doctor to view the site of the pain or any injury or scarring. In clinic the doctor will wish to photograph any scars, injuries or walking aids and these will be included in your report. The photographs will be taken of the affected area/s as discreetly as possible.

Additionally, the doctor may take a full length photograph of you standing (dressed) and a head and shoulder image for identification purposes. These images are held on a secure server and can be deleted once the report has been prepared at your request.

Please remember, our doctors carry out physical examinations of many hundreds of patients each week in their private and NHS clinics as well as in their medico legal practice. They are very used to conducting physical examinations and will do all they can to put you at ease.

What You Need to Bring to your Consultation

Whether you are attending clinic or videoconference you must have the following with you otherwise the consultation will be terminated because the doctor MUST be able to verify your identity to the court in their report.

  • Photo identification, such as a passport, driving licence or an i.d. photo card
  • Utility bill (no more than 3 months old) with your name and home address – this needs to the same information as that provided to us by your solicitor.

Face-to-face consultations cannot be taped or recorded to ensure full compliance with GDPR – this is a private meeting between you and the doctor (please note, however that video consultations will be recorded by Medicolegal Partners – see details below).

The doctor will ask you questions and will want to know what medication, if any, you are taking. Some patients find it easier to either bring the medication or a list of the medication including the dosage to the consultation.

Your solicitor will be sent a copy of the report the doctors writes. Most solicitors will let you see the report and comment on it before it is submitted to the court.

We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic and if you have further questions about your examination please call us on 020 7118 0650 or email us at info@medicolegal-partners.com and we will be happy to help you.

Important additional information for consultations via videoconference:

Before the consultation:

Please ensure you are in a private room in your home or solicitor’s office at least 10 minutes before the conference is due to start to prepare and make yourself comfortable. It’s a good idea to put a notice on the door so that the consultation is not interrupted. Ensure the room has good lighting and preferably natural light so the doctor can see you clearly and inspect any areas of your body he needs to.

You will be able to access the video conference using a smart phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or computer (with a webcam). We will send you a link to join the conference either by email or text and all you need to do is to click on the link at the time of your appointment.

Please ensure your chosen device is plugged into the mains power or has sufficient power for the full duration of the video conference which takes around 40-45 minutes in most cases.

The videoconference consultation must not be recorded by you or any third party in attendance. Your chaperone cannot speak for you or record the consultation, they should be in view of the doctor for the duration of the consultation. Your solicitor must give us written permission and tell us who is attending with you prior to the consultation and they must have ID so the doctor can verify their identify for the court in their report.

If your solicitor has arranged a translator to attend with you, ID is needed to verify who they are for the report and the court.

We have a full set of ‘frequently asked questions’ about video conference consultations here – if you have any further queries please call us on 020 7118 0650 or email us at info@medicolegal-partners.com.