All our expert witnesses available via video consultation

11 Jan 2021

In line with the new government guidelines in respect of COVID-19 and with no clear understanding of how long it will take for life to get fully back to normal, we are keen to ensure we stay “Open for Business” to support both you and the people you represent. We recognise that many of the claimants involved in a medicolegal claim are in pain or facing a range of financial and social challenges as a result of their health and there is clear evidence that litigants do much better psychologically and physically when litigation concludes. Indeed, in most cases it is beneficial for both claimant and defendant to reach settlement as quickly as possible.

We want to help by making it as easy as possible for claimants to meet and discuss their health/injury with our experts to enable their medical reports to be written and available to you without unnecessary delays to the process.

Our experts work in leading hospitals and Trusts across the NHS and they are being advised in majority of cases to continue to run many of their clinics and consultations by approved video conferencing channels, as long as it provides the safe clinical setting of a face-to-face appointment and meets GDPR and ethical guidelines. Our video consultation procedures follow these same guidelines and meet these standards.

Our experts will individually review each case to ensure that a video conference consultation is appropriate and, if required, we are offering a free face-to-face consultation and update to the report they write for you in the 3 months after government restrictions are lifted to provide peace-of-mind, particularly if a case is going to court.

We have prepared a set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to answer your legal and data protection questions, outline how we will run sessions, the technology we will use and the procedures we will continue to follow to ensure identity checks are completed as part of the consultation. Please get in touch if you have any questions we haven’t covered in this document.

At Medicolegal Partners our focus has always been on the quality of our reports and our customer service. Our customer service team continue to be available to answer any questions you may have. We can be contacted on 0207 118 0650 or