WEBINAR: Defending a claim in pain cases

27 Jun 2023

Join us at 10.30 on 8th August for an informative webinar focused on defending pain claims.  In this webinar Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez will share his experience as a Pain Consultant and expert witness working for defendants and claimants on complex clinical negligence and personal injury cases. He will share his analytical and impartial approach to completing a full and detailed review of a claimant’s medical history in conjunction with the timeline of events.  He will also outline the key elements of a well-written report and the value that can add to your defence strategy.

Since pain is so subjective and its causes are many, varied and often inter-connected with psychological and other factors, the strongest case for defending a claim of medical negligence or personal injury requires robust foundations based on a clear and well-reasoned report from a skilled pain expert who can use their experience to analyse all aspects of the case.

In this webinar Dr Ramos-Galvez will cover:

  • The importance of complete and contemporaneous medical notes
  • How he builds up the big picture of a case, using his clinical experience to identify anomalies or inconsistencies
  • The medicolegal challenges of chronic pain

You’ll leave with:

  • An overview of the key challenges defending medico legal pain claims
  • An understanding of what the medical expert is looking for when reviewing the claimant’s condition