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Medicolegal Partners is looking for new experts to join our niche team.

Mr Vasireddy, Dr Ramos-Galvez and Dr Jenner at Medicolegal Partners’ annual medico legal seminar

We are keen to hear from leading medical professionals who are interested in providing expert medico legal advice for claimants and defence in personal injury and medical negligence cases.


As well as being financially rewarding, working as an expert provides the flexibility to manage an additional and fascinating workstream alongside other commitments.

Medicolegal Partners is not an agency or panel, we work directly with our experts with the aim of making it easy for them to manage their medico legal work alongside their busy clinical practice. 

We strive to ensure our clients receive the highest levels of service so they enjoy working with us. We do this by working hard to support our experts to allow them to focus on providing their expert opinion and writing excellent reports.

We take care of everything for our team of experts from marketing and communications to managing all aspects of the administration process. We have built an extensive and loyal client base through our reputation for delivering quality reports written by credible experts.  This means we can offer our experts a steady flow of work at a rate that suits them.

We ensure full compliance with GDPR and all our reports meet the legal requirements set by the court.

Our support does not stop there – we ensure our experts are paid for their work as soon as they finish their report so they are not waiting months for payment.


Take a look at this series of videos where Dr Jenner discusses what’s involved as an expert, how he manages the demands of the role with his clinical work, what training is required and the support he receives from Medicolegal Partners.

If you are an experienced medical consultant with strong links with the NHS and interested in joining our team please contact us.

Part I: Introduction to Dr Jenner

Part II: What it involves

Part III: Why become an expert witness

Part IV: Managing my time

Part V: Training

Part VI: Support from Medicolegal Associates


Take a look at this short video where Dr Jenner outlines why he works with Medicolegal Associates.


We’d be happy to talk to you about becoming an expert witness and we can put you in touch with one of our experts so you can ask them questions first-hand. Find out what it is like to work with us and how our experts manage their clinical work and medicolegal responsibilities.  We’d love to hear from you!

Call us on 0207 118 0650 or send an email to and we can arrange a convenient time to call you back.