The 5 Key Characteristics of Medicolegal PartnersExpert Witness Reports

26 Jun 2017

A good medico legal expert witness report can be instrumental to the successful outcome of a case. Whether for claimant or defendant, our Medicolegal Associates reports are designed to provide thorough, in-depth, impartial information giving a holistic picture of the client. What are the key characteristics of Medicolegal Associates expert witness reports?

1) Structured Process

The collection and thorough analysis of a range of information including historical medical records, expert reports, and witness statements are vitally important. It is largely this information that will dictate the outcome of a case and very often this information is highly subjective regarding a relatively un-measurable experience.

Prior to a face-to-face consultation and examination, the claimant is required to answer a number of detailed questions that encourage guided self-analysis.

This is completed at home without time pressure or the effects of a long journey to the medical consultation (which may exacerbate their condition and cloud their judgement).  This forms a very important part of the overall review undertaken by the expert before meeting with the claimant. It enables them to build a full picture of the issues surrounding the case and to effectively utilise the examination in order to clarify matters and ask probing questions to fill in any gaps or discrepancies.

2) Chronological Reporting

A complete chronological medical history of the claimant both pre-and post- incident is necessary to help drill down and access further information relevant to the case that may otherwise have been overlooked. When information is presented in a focused and relevant time context, and not obscured by irrelevant detail, it acts as an internal set of signposts for examining facts and questioning findings. A key characteristic of our expert witness report is our focus on specifics as well as allied areas. Where relevant, reports will consist of coloured photographs to highlight scars or injuries for the court.  We include a detailed, holistic picture of the claimant’s life bringing to light any potential problems – which can be helpful when variances arise – allowing the reader to fully understand the impact their injuries or condition has on all aspects of their life.

3) Quality Documentation

As providers of decision information, we are scrupulous in striving to include the correct balance of quantitative and qualitative data in each report. Our experts ensure that the amount of qualitative information (described as ‘chronological reporting’, above) is absolutely relevant to the holistic picture and not in any way excessive.

Further to this, our reports are written in Plain English and are noted for speed of delivery (typically 4 weeks from receiving the instruction)

4) Holistic Opinion

Developing a holistic opinion of the personal injury and the underlying impact on the claimant is crucial to the effectiveness of a report. Our experts are chosen with great care, each one still works within the NHS as well as holding their own private practice. They are active contributors to relevant thought-leadership events and lectures and regularly publish related articles. As a result, along with their professional qualifications, they are fully qualified to credibly assess the instruction and determine what kind of information is required to effectively diagnose an issue to achieve the desired outcome

5) Bespoke Approach

Medico legal expert witness reporting continues to evolve as ongoing research and development improve understanding in complex medical areas.

However, no two individuals are the same and our personal approach to each instruction helps to ensure that our findings are firmly based on the individual claimant using all the facts, medical records and examinations. If required, we can work as part of a wider team to help deliver objective expert witness support at any point during the case.

Understanding our process and our approach means that our clients are able to have full confidence in the information we provide and what they should expect from other experts they may instruct.

Quality, Speed, and Efficacy

Medicolegal Associates ultimately work for the courts. As experts, our aim is to assist the court to achieve a fair outcome by providing thorough, impartial information. Claimants are given a medical examination within 7 days of instruction, and our reports are delivered within 4 weeks. Over the years we have supported a number of clients, representing both claimants and defendants, helping them to achieve substantial settlements or, in the case of defending, saving them substantial sums.